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i found the cowboy bebop font


forms of transphobia you should watch out for in your speech and thought processes

  • casual cissexism: associating genitalia/body parts with gender, statements like “god i’m such a lesbian i love vaginas” and “guys don’t understand periods at all” or anything that implies people with vaginas and breasts = female and people with penises = male
  • nonbinary erasure: phrases like “opposite gender”, statements that imply male and female are the only genders
  • intersex erasure: phrases like “opposite sex”, statements that imply there are only two sexes and that everyone is born with strictly a vagina or penis
  • assuming gender based on appearance: if you don’t know someone’s gender, don’t assume they are female and don’t refer to them as “she” just because they appear dfab or femme. don’t use gendered terms to refer to someone whose gender you do not know.


la dee da scales test~

not the right color scheme though. scams are gunna be more red but I just wanted to test out design ouo


Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus & Neptune) walking in tandem ♥ for my dear friend Tabby's birthday and anniversary!! 


i love you all very much


Feeling odd on this last night of September. Send some Asks my way and I’ll be much obliged. I’ve got a little time, after all.


Ask Me Anything.

the Find Chaos review was awesome!!!! tho they called you a "he," isn't that a screw up?



Is it?


Honestly, the author of the article and another staff member of the magazine we spoke to do know ChaosLife, so I have to presume my identity is pretty clear. When I saw “he” in the article, I wasn’t thrown, I was delighted.


Even if I knew that pronoun was coming from a place of unfamiliarity, I would feel pretty hypocritical to insist that pronouns don’t mean much to me (or that I prefer to have them mixed up or simply use “they/them/their”), yet then get tetchy about people using anything other than “she.” While I appreciate the concern, it’s a nice change of pace to see myself referred to as something other than feminine (something that overwhelmingly happens, even in discussions of my agender identification).


Anyway, no, that wasn’t a screw up at all. At least, no more than using “she” would count as for me, personally. 

In fact, scratch that: “he” is a little less jarring than “she” in my book, on further thought. Go figure.




FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 45



"K quit writing the gay"